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Why your brand and your USP are important

Have you ever been confused by a marketing message or an advertisement that seemed out of place with the product? I believe that when we market our business by whatever means, we need to keep our product or service clear and distinct. Continue reading

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Better to have a business plan than have your dreams shattered

I was shopping in our village this morning and found the butcher’s shop was closed. There was a notice in the window, presumably put there by the shop landlord, which announced that the shop owners had paid no rent since … Continue reading

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Social media experts

The word “expert” is not a word I am comfortable with. One of the sites to which I am contributor, and for which I am grateful because of the additional exposure does describe me as an expert author. Whilst this is a sort of compliment, I write about what I know through experience. After all, I write this blog about small business life because I have a small business of my own.

So what about social media? Are there any experts? I think there are specialists, but nobody knows where we will go, inextricably linked with the technology. Continue reading

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