Desperate networking

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As we know, networking butterflies are rarely successful. I wonder whether some of them are driven by desperation that their networking has never worked even when they started and took it more slowly.

We know that if our marketing isn’t working we have to change it. Networking is a sort of marketing in which we give without expectation of getting business from anyone in particular but in the knowledge that those we know may think of us when it counts and they think they know someone who needs us.

Of course networking is a long game, but sooner or later it should dawn that if no business is coming in, it’s not being done properly. Then perhaps a more measured approach is needed with regular attendance of fewer networking groups is called for.

If that doesn’t work then maybe as with marketing failure, our failed networker is simply in the wrong business selling a product or service nobody wants. Or, if what she offers is normally popular, her demeanour doesn’t convince anyone she can deliver it and she should re-think her strategy from the ground up.

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