Networking and raining on my parade

We have to accept that some networkers are very insecure. That would be because some people in general are insecure.

There can be a problem at some events which allow more than one of the same type of business to be represented. I do not feel threatened by other people in my general area of business. Actually I like to get to know them. I regard them as colleagues. I may be able to refer them if they and their businesses have strengths in areas which I and my business do not find profitable and interesting. At the same time we have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences. I have a rule never to try to tempt away a client from another business I know (known as tapping up). Actually I never ever criticise the work of someone else in my field. It would be very rude and unprofessional.

I was an an event a few weeks ago. I had the opportunity to mention my business briefly and in passing while giving a talk about something else. Later, an attendee representing a business in a similar field spoke at length about what their company could provide. It simply seemed that this person was trying to out-sell me and rather stridently too, even though I wasn’t there to sell and indeed had made no effort to do so.

My advice is that if you meet someone in a similar field, make sure you have a good chat with her or him to see if you might work together or co-operate. There is much more benefit from walking the same road in partnership than in trying to push the other person off.

Just don’t rain on someone else’s parade. That other person could be your key to more success.

© Jon Stow 2010

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