Using our window of opportunity in business

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I have a favourite walk just round the corner from home, where the footpath leads around a farmer’s field ( and past an ancient hornbeam wood, but that’s another story). In early August after a lot of sunshine and only moderate rain, it struck me that wheat which had been sown this year was just right for harvesting. I walked a couple more times around this field in the next few days and wondered why the corn had not been cut. Of course it might have been for waiting a turn with hired machinery, but everything seemed perfect; the condition of the wheat and the dry weather in particular.

Then August showed her fickle ways. It rained and it rained. When I took my next walk, a lot of the wheat was bent over or laid, and even the upright ears and stalks were turning black. The chance was gone, the hard work wasted and the money for that work all gone.

There are times when we need to release our inhibitions and just go for the opportunity. Usually we step back from taking action when we have the chance by giving ourselves small alibis for inaction. Sometimes rather than wait we must force the issue because otherwise our great plans and our hard work will come to nothing. As well as inspiration and enjoyment it takes courage to run a small business We must take our opportunities while we can.

Don’t you agree?

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