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Really not a football post

And I don’t mean a goal post. It is just that sometimes we can use sport to illustrate a point about business. So to a cliched quote “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting … Continue reading

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Chasing the numbers or taking a gamble?

Having been networking on-line for quite a long time – eight years – I have quite a significant contact network out there. It is not the biggest network because I do not add people just to bolster my scores. I … Continue reading

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Hitting the spot and pulling the heartstrings

We all need to give our clients and customers a compelling reason to buy from us. We have to be different from the rest and match exactly what our prospects think they need. has a great advert which exactly … Continue reading

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If only I had…

There are the chosen few who have never worked for anyone else, and then there are the rest of us who used to be employed but now run our own businesses. When we were employed we did not have total … Continue reading

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Come on, rabbit, don’t be shy!

Quite often when I am taking my evening walk, I pass a man of about my age scurrying back from the rail station. No doubt he is a City worker. He does not meet my eye and scoots past like … Continue reading

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Why the personal touch is important in business

  Small businesses have a huge advantage. They know their customers. Large businesses don’t. Small businesses which become large businesses forget their customers. I wrote a while back about our extreme disappointment at our treatment by a veterinary practice.  Quite … Continue reading

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Old style professionals and social media – do they get it?

I have written in my tax diary that most accountants don’t get Twitter or other social media. Of course some do and are brilliant at using multiple platforms. I think most that do make a start don’t stay engaged long … Continue reading

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Should we worry about our purchasing ethics?

  A year or so back my wife and I were lucky enough to visit St. Lucia. It is a beautiful island, and if you get the chance to go there, I do recommend it.  It is a place where … Continue reading

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Blogging originality and evolution of ideas

A couple of my favorite bloggers have talked about the apparent decline in original thought. Danny Brown suggests that popularity can breed sameness in part because of pandering to the masses. Gini Dietrich talks about aggregation and automation which encourages … Continue reading

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Blowing ourselves Sky High in our business lives

By hard work and dogged determination we can get there and earn our superhero’s cloak (maybe we don’t want those tight pants). Continue reading

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