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Investment principles

We all know that when we run a business there are certain expenses we must meet before we can even function. We have motor costs, office costs, insurance, software, hardware and so on. If we have any sense we choose the best options in each category It doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest, but what fits us best. I think I could find cheaper broadband, but would it be as reliable as what I have and would the support be as good? Heaven preserve us all from my previous ISP!

Why are so many of us afraid to pay for sales and marketing? After all, sales are the lifeblood in any business. Without sales we don’t have a business.

I pay for things

We have to think a little about advertising first, and be choosy. I pay for one paper advert which works well. It is the only one that was ever effective and I have tested a few. Testing is what we have to do.

I buy in webby things too. I pay for decent hosting and management of my blogs.

I want to blog as best I can because blogging brings me business. I am a member of Problogger because I like to learn from others, and of course I pay the small monthly subscription. It’s well worth it. That is not an affiliate link, incidentally.

Banish the fear

Don’t be afraid

Test what works and find out what works for you. Talk to other people about what works for them and think how you can adapt it. That will help you not to get it wrong. Marketing isn’t a cost to the business. It is a way of increasing sales, and done properly is an investment that will return many times over the money put in. Buy a book or an E-book, but make sure it is up to date and that you read and act on what it says. If you want to pay a professional to do it for you,, that will take away the stress of thinking about what to do. You will still need to take action.

Your worst enemy

The enemy is inertia, the fear of getting on your bike and having to take your wallet or purse with you. We don’t sweep our chimney at home because we don’t want the whole downstairs area of our house under two inches of soot. We pay someone. If you haven’t got the expertise, pay someone else. Just don’t wait until your business sales chimney catches fire or is blocked because it hasn’t been swept by someone who know what they are doing. Take action!

Why not?

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