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The marketers

I am not a marketing guy. I am always keen on picking up new ideas of course, but I defer to others in advising businesses on marketing, and as you know, I know a lot of people who have different niches in business advice.

I write from my own experience here. There are many people who will tell you that content marketing is a real winner including some I respect greatly . I just know that it is absolutely true. The more you give your readers, the more they will be attracted.

My bit

A large chunk of my business is tax-related, and I have been dealing with tax issues for a long time. Of course experience is not all we need, and certainly I never stop learning either through general reading in my area, or because I am getting my hands dirty with a new problem.

I have been developing a particular niche in tax, which is related to property, or real estate if you prefer. I have written a number of articles which I hope are very informative to the many property investors and small-time developers out there, quite a few of which have despaired having had their pensions ruined and decided to make an effort to take control of their own destiny. That’s just like all of us, running a small business.

The tax articles do not cover every aspect of each subject of course. How could they? However they do give a lot of useful information for the lay person. Of course people may read my material and go away armed with it somewhere else. Very often, though, they will inquire as to whether I can help them, which of course I can.

The niche aspect is important. People may click through from the titles in the sidebar on this blog, and they do. Writing in a particular niche, though, does make my material available more immediately though searches on Google and the other engines. That is because people with a particular issue will be quite specific in their searches, and will be drawn to my quite specific articles.

No tricks needed?

SEO people call the niche searches the “long tail” but my take is that there is no need to think about your key words in the article itself. They will occur naturally as you write. Of course you can put in your tags etc. (I am certainly not an SEO expert), but mostly the traffic seems to be organic from the article.

You don’t have to write articles every day or even every week. You need to keep your site updated regularly and a slow stream of informative material that will interest your potential clients enough to come to you is all you need. They are already aware that you know what you are talking about and they are willing to buy that expertise. That’s great news, isn’t it?

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