Cut off from the world

We have been travelling recently and within the past week unexpectedly I have been completely cut off from any broadband or internet connection. As I run several small businesses, at first I felt complete withdrawal symptoms.

It is strange not being in touch with the world of business, and yet I guess had I been in business for myself fifteen or twenty years ago I would have thought nothing of it or at least would simply have relied on the phone to stay in touch. Now of course we are accustomed to having a continuous stream of information 24/7 if we want it.

Having re-established connection with the world, of course nothing is awry. It shouldn’t be, because I have arrangements to make sure that all important matters are dealt with in my absence, my phones are answered and there is really nothing that should go wrong.

I will be away for a while yet. I don’t need to worry about business, because although it doesn’t actually take care of itself, I have provided for it to be taken care of.

It really is important to take a step back and relax sometimes. I knew that already, but am pleased to have had the timely reminder. Have a good holiday now if it is your vacation time, or have one when you have time off. Make sure you do have time off, though, because you will be better for it.

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