Fifteen ways to get unfollowed and disconnected from my network

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Or just not followed in the first place

  1. Tweet advertising the whole time
  2. Tweet other peoples quotations
  3. Tweet religious tracts
  4. Tweet political comments and unkind comments about politicians.
  5. Tweet every meal you have (occasional food comments or pictures of dishes you are pleased with are OK).
  6. Send a request to connect on Linked In to get my email address to put me on your mailing list.
  7. Tweet on automatic from RSS feeds that have nothing to do with you just to please Google, Klout and Peer Index. Actually both Google and I will go off you.
  8. Tweet in a company name and not tell me your real one.
  9. Auto-feed absolutely every comment, tweet and link.
  10. Never RT or pass on someone else’s link.
  11. Never have a conversation or interact
  12. Swear (even with an apology)
  13. Rubbish a competitor.
  14. Be rude about anyone at all.
  15. Criticise fellow networkers even if they deserve it.

Now, everyone is entitled to their political views, and their religious beliefs. Just spare me, please. Be original, help others and don’t be lazy or disrespectful. It seems not much to ask. What do you think?

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3 Responses to Fifteen ways to get unfollowed and disconnected from my network

  1. Uh-oh, guilty as charged on #2–I love seeing clever quotes, so I pass along those I like. Which for me is the same as #10–I RT those clever quotes. Hmmm. I guess I don’t understand what you meant in #2, then.

    • Jon Stow says:

      If you have conversations on Twitter as well, that’s fine. Some people just regurgitate the entire Oxford Dictionary of Quotations at the rate of one every fifteen minutes and have nothing original to say for themselves. 😉 Your Twitter stream is much better than that. I had a look.

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