Old style professionals and social media – do they get it?

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I have written in my tax diary that most accountants don’t get Twitter or other social media. Of course some do and are brilliant at using multiple platforms. I think most that do make a start don’t stay engaged long enough.

Do you think traditional professionals such as accountants and solicitors / lawyers do get social media and do you think that social media activities suit them? Are there other businesses that may find social media uncomfortable? I’d like to know.

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2 Responses to Old style professionals and social media – do they get it?

  1. Hi Jon

    Yes, many accountants and others from the traditional professions don’t seem to quite ‘get’ social media yet.

    I was presenting to 85+ chartered accountants last week about social media – many of them had the wrong perception but a number of them were starting to get involved.

    As part of my presentation I covered the point that they do need to keep at it and regularly post useful content in order to develop results over time.


  2. Jon Stow says:

    Thanks, James. Yes, I hope your audience took on board that persistence is required and that you can’t beat good content which is genuinely useful.

    Many are afraid of giving too much away but in reality potential clients will be impressed with a demonstration of knowledge.

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