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Most of us are very serious about our businesses. Many people work very hard but do not use their time well. It is so easy to get involved in matters which don’t make money.

  • Some people try to do all the admin themselves; all that form filling on-line and off-line.
  • Some people using marketing methods which experience should tell them isn’t working, but other people still do it.
  • Some people offer the same product or service as everyone else in their line, and wonder why they never increase their market share.

It’s just like those people in the gym who waste their time or do exercises which address their fitness needs.

In a small business:

  • You have to be different.
  • You have to be memorable
  • You need to show your personality or personal brand because your customers buy you.
  • You have to stop wasting your time.

I am a business fitness trainer. It ‘s a great advantage to have someone from outside looking in. A mentor, an extra brain, someone who will get their hands dirty on what needs to be done and who can work alongside you when you need it.

Can you count on help and advice when you need it? It’s all very well ploughing your own furrow, but sometimes you need someone to tell you that you are on the straight and narrow. Who do you ask?

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