Stupid inconsiderate people

You come across people who don’t think about their fellow human beings all the time. There are those who play loud music in their gardens on sunny Sunday afternoons when their neighbours want to have a peaceful time and read. There are those who park their cars on double bends.

Sometimes people expect others to be considerate but make no attempt to consider others. The other day there was a young woman riding a horse nearby. She had a jacket with, written on the back “Young Horse. Please pass wide and slow”. Motorists were doing their best to be careful. Horses still have rights on our roads. Yet why was she riding a young inexperienced horse on a busy main road at eight in the morning? In the rush hour? With a queue of traffic backing up more than half a mile?

How many people was this young woman making late for work? How many work hours would be lost?

So we pick up customers or clients like this whom we end up not liking:

  • Those who want a great deal but don’t want to pay.
  • Those who agree a fee for a service or product but then ask for a lot more for nothing.
  • Those who don’t pay us promptly, like the one who told me she had been too busy to pay me.
  • Those who give us abuse; the worst sin.

We have to accept that most difficult clients need not remain clients. We need to ask them to leave us for our own peace of mind, for the good of our cash flow and so that we can earn more money giving a good service to our customers who appreciate us.

Never be afraid to sack a client. We deserve to be appreciated, don’t you think?


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