Why it is the season for bright ideas

Christmas sky

Christmas is upon us. Unless our business is a 365-day-a-year sort of business we do need to take a break for a few days. It will do us good. If you do have a 365-day-a-year business I am sure you delegate to others so that you can grab time off later.

One advantage for me is that I have some of my best ideas when I am relaxing and not working. I expect you do too. Sometimes inspiration strikes when I am out for a walk, sometimes sitting at home. Now and again I have good ideas when taking a shower.

It is important to write down a good idea when you have one, or use a voice recorder. Otherwise those ideas can evaporate like the memories of many of our dreams. Getting out of the shower, of course we have to avoid getting water in our electronics or getting our notepaper soggy.

Grab those ideas, take care of those candles and have a Merry Christmas. I will be back after Christmas to wish you a Happy New Year.

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