Why we should avoid giving our clients and prospects the holiday blues

Holiday beach

We all need to have a holiday. Well, nearly all of us need one. If we have a small business it takes a certain amount of planning, just as it does to make sure we take leisure time during our working week.

Our clients do not take holidays at the same time as we do. That means that if they leave a message with our office or send us an email they expect some response within a reasonable time. I think a reasonable time is no more than a day for the client to know that you have got or will get the message.

If the client has sent an email, make sure that someone sends a real reply and not an “out of the office” standard response.

If the client has telephoned you know that I think they must have spoken to someone representing your business, if they called in “normal” office hours. That person should have told them that you will get the message when you get back from your holiday. The client will feel that something is going to happen.

If a prospect has called with a new enquiry and not had a timely response their business will go elsewhere.

I don’t think we need to be distracted in our planned leisure time by clients as everyone should understand we all need a holiday. At the same time, I don’t think they should be left hanging, waiting for something to happen, without knowing we are away.

We need to make sure our businesses appear professional and reliable. Most of us are not there 24/7 because we are not large corporations, but that is why we can be special and offer a more personal service. We can show our clients we care and still have a life outside. What do you think?

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2 Responses to Why we should avoid giving our clients and prospects the holiday blues

  1. Jill Poet says:

    I agree Jon. And for a small business with no other staff its probably a good time to consider using a VA and agreeing parameters of contact.

    Here’s looking forward to happy holidays!

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