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Old-fashioned shopping

Most of us here provide a personal service to our customers, whether that is as in my case providing help and support with my clients’ businesses and taxes, or for you perhaps web design or delivery of packages. In a small business every individual customer gets a service and we cater for their individual needs.

It should be like that for big businesses too. I guess that if we are in a large department store queuing to pay, or at the supermarket checkout we are part of a process. Even then, a chatty and helpful assistant when it is our turn to part with our money helps the day go better. Sharing a little conversation or a brief joke along the way through makes everyone feel better.

Old-fashioned department stores would have floor-walkers to chat to customers and help them find what they want, and buy. In our local gym the staff are friendly and chatty. In a social atmosphere our customer process is more pleasurable.

Still, cheeriness doesn’t help in some larger organisations because they are too distant and anonymous, a bit like my former telephone provider.

It is easy to forget when we have a rush on that our customers are people. In my business the next two months may be a bit of a rush though I plan it to go smoothly. All my clients will get what they need and more, and individual needs will vary.

Do you treat each customer according to, and beyond, their own expectations? Don’t you find you get great feedback and more referrals?

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