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Do I deserve to be whipped?

Out and about I am about on social networks mainly for marketing purposes. At least that was how it was in the beginning. However, having built relationships on-line, some become friendships on-line or off-line. I enjoy discussions in various forums, … Continue reading

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The writer of letters

  The writing habit Quite a lot of my work involves writing. I write to clients, and I write to tax authorities and I write to service providers on behalf of my clients. I write articles and I write web … Continue reading

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Amateur emails addresses and unbusinesslike appearance

Starting in business we are eager to get our telephone number found and to have all lines of communication open. After all, what we need is customers, and if no one can contact us we will not get any. Right … Continue reading

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Low value clients

When you start out in business for yourself and are providing a service, there is a temptation to take on any client thinking it is all grist to the mill. Each new client will bring in a bit more money. … Continue reading

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Shops and the personal touch

  Times are changing There is no question that shopping has moved on in the last couple of decades. It has moved to out-of-town retail parks and it has moved on-line. As a result, many shop premises in the UK … Continue reading

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Last chance to buy! Last chance to register!

Do you get those annoying emails saying either of the above? How often can you remember having had a previous email offering you the same opportunity? You probably didn’t. The sender is trying to make you think you are going … Continue reading

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Mind control? It’s your business.

  Mind your own business The great thing about having a business is that it really is your business. How you run it is your business too. Now I am assuming that you will know when you need advice from … Continue reading

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Getting out of our depth in business

  A raging storm As I write this there has been a furore about certain wealthy or high-earning celebrities who have been involved in tax avoidance schemes in the UK. The furore is because of anger that these rich and … Continue reading

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Plumbing the depths and ruining a business reputation

  Less than professional While I am talking about reputations, which I was the other day, have you noticed the comment threads on some of the professional websites? Often one can have a perfectly well-chosen and appropriate piece ultimately damaged … Continue reading

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