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Yes, business is tough at the moment, so it is hard to believe that some owners are making more obstacles for themselves rather than trying to make running their business more profitable and less stressful. Somehow people get ideas in their minds which prevent their taking action. For example:

  • Social media marketing wouldn’t suit my business.
  • Email marketing would never work.
  • I don’t believe in cold calling.
  • Networking is futile because you just see the same people.
  • Advertising is pointless now.
  • A proper customer database is a waste of time (really!).

Of course not every strategy works for every business. Just the same the list above and other imagined obstacles prevent so many of us from taking action, because we don’t have open minds, because we tried something once for a short time and it didn’t seem to work, and because we are afraid to ask for help for fear of embarrassment.

Life is hard enough for so many businesses because their owners don’t take action. No strategy works if you don’t give it a fair crack. Deciding which one or ones are best is an area where you may need advice. Do you need advice? Can I help?


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