Deserving of our full attention

On our recent travels we have had our peace disturbed by people who are unable to resist talking and texting on their mobile / cell phones in public places and especially in restaurants. Call me old-fashioned (did I say that?) but I don’t like to have my breakfast interrupted by people yelling (why do so many have to bellow). Then there is all that texting by inconsiderate individuals who haven’t turned their beeps off.

The real issue is one of respect for one’s fellow human beings. Especially if we are having a meal with others or in a business meeting it is disrespectful when some suddenly answer their phones or feel compelled to look at or send a message. Yes, we are all connected now but that also means that voice and text messages are saved until it is polite to check them.

If we are sufficiently dexterous to take meeting notes on our smart-phone then by all means we can use it for that purpose. Otherwise, keep it in our pocket or bag and give proper attention to those we are with. It is seldom that we will have a more pressing need than that.

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