Don’t turn your back on me

Not suitable for a profile pic

Have you ever been networking and come across one of those little groups who are closed off? Maybe three or four people who are having their own meeting within a meeting and will be darned if they talk to anyone else? Of course anyone is entitled to choose their companions but it depends on the environment, because within a larger meeting they just look rude and arrogant. It sends all the wrong signals.

We can all get upset if we want to network and people turn their backs. However, the same thing happens on-line. I don’t mean that our on-line connections have to pay attention to all our tweets or react to everything we post on Google+. That’s not going to happen. It is just that some are so impersonal in social networks.

We are used to the broadcasters and relentless sellers. But what about profile pictures and avatars? I don’t want to see a logo. I want to see a face. So I was amazed when someone asked to connect whose profile photo is of the back of his neck. What message does it send? It is not even funny. It is worse and more insulting than looking at a business logo.

I like people I connect with to be open and to show enough of themselves that I can get the flavour of their personality. I cannot talk to or trust someone in a business sense if that person hides themselves, turns their back or sticks out their tongue. How do you feel when someone turns their back?

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  1. Carole G. says:

    Good point on the avatar logo. Business logos are impersonal! I’m going to change my facebook business account to have a photo of me. I agree about the little cliques within some social circles. It is rude and does not promote a very open atmosphere for new comers. I have been in several of those types of gatherings and have never returned!

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