Forgetting why we work

Get off the treadmill...

It’s no secret that I believe in taking breaks from work because it helps me relax and be more efficient. Enjoying ourselves and having a bit of fun is good for us.

What I find really frightening is when I see people so buried in fighting their business issues that they end up working all hours, sometimes seven days a week. Often they are not making money, and that is when they seriously need help from someone like me. However, some people are making a lot of money, but they have lost sight of why they are doing it.

Making a pile of money is all very well, and of course business owners want to give their families a good life. Except of course they hardly ever see their families because they are always working.

One real downside of having their noses to the grindstone all the time is that these workaholics actually forget how to have fun at all. They neglect their outside activities, reduce their options to have holidays and race through their self-imposed tasks like slaves under the cosh. But they have enslaved themselves. I am not a doctor, but this seems to me like a recipe for driving themselves into an early grave through addiction to the work treadmill.

Of course I know some employees with the same addiction; some who really ought to have retired by now but think they are indispensable. Money really isn’t everything, except that their money pot means they could go and enjoy themselves in a useful manner. The trouble is, with all that work they too have forgotten how to enjoy themselves.

We work to make our lives better and to look after our loved ones, perhaps the better to help others, but also to have time for enjoyment and leisure. All of these things make us happier. I should hate to forget how to be happy.

Do you manage not to be busy all the time? Do you need help learning how not to be busy and how to make your business stop running your life? Call me if you need that help.

How do you manage your time to have some fun? What tips do you have?


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