Is knowledge power?


I have seen the expression “knowledge is power” a number of times in blog posts recently. Jim Connolly is correct in saying that knowledge is only effective when you take action.

I believe knowledge is currency. It involves action, but it has to be the right action. Knowledge is what you use to pursue and gain your objective, especially in business. Therefore it has to be valid, which means that it has to have been tried and tested. In terms of improving your business it has to be proven, something which will work for you if you follow the method or process diligently.

I am always been sent emails about how to improve my sales. My deleted items folder is full of them. What I have learned to do is filter out the rubbish. There are some people who I respect otherwise I wouldn’t mention them or read their blog, but at the same time there are others who will invite you to sign up to some program which will help you to (like the seller, allegedly) earn $/£200,000 per year without working more than a few hours work a week. You know the sort of thing.

Especially for a start-up business person it is a confusing world out there. There are so many offerings. Some “knowledge” has no currency value because it is counterfeit. Knowledge is often confused with “belief” too. Belief isn’t proven. Practical advice from a successful person is proven. We learn from our mistakes but it is too expensive to make many.

Some offerings of advice for marketing, cost cutting, public relations or whatever it is will be be real deal. The only way to find out is to look at testimonials and get permission to speak to satisfied customers, preferably not those hand-picked by the seller. Unsolicited recommendations from people you trust are even better.

It really is a case of “buyer beware” (No Latin today) to find the real deals. There are plenty out there, and armed with valuable knowledge you can exchange it for effective action.

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