Names you shouldn’t call yourself

It is no secret that I don’t like the term “social media expert“. You can’t be an expert on a vast subject and know everything that is going on. You have to be a specialist in some areas, know how to find out things you don’t know when asked to, and have credibility as a capable person in a capable business. “Expert” doesn’t mean much.

Fortunately most people don’t call themselves experts. The very term is usually shorthand used in newspaper headlines  when a more descriptive term would be too long. It is a bit lazy. Another meaningless headline alternative word is “boffins”. Who would say “boffin” in normal speech?

Some terms people use about themselves which actually make me giggle are “visionary” and “entrepreneur”. While these words have some meaning, they are subjective and a matter of opinion, which is why they should only be used about an admirable someone other than oneself.

There is an individual I have come across who calls himself a “visionary entrepreneur”. ROFL. It is hard to take seriously.

When describing ourselves we have to be careful to define our USP and skills without comedy, unless of course we are comedians. Most of us don’t want to be the laughing stock, do we?

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