Reputations, referrals and let-downs

If we get a referral from a colleague or fellow business person, it is very satisfying of course, but we have to live up to the recommendation. If we run our businesses as efficiently as we can and offer a great service that distinguishes us from the rest then we have no need to worry about letting anybody down. We have a duty to the referrer as well as to our new customer. After all, the person who has referred the work has put her reputation on the line by recommending us.

I have had a good and reliable service from one of my suppliers over about eight years. I thought nothing of recommending that supplier to one of my favourite colleagues in my network. Apparently my supplier has let her down. I feel bad about this because it is as though I have let her down. I gave the referral in good faith. My reputation was potentially at stake.

My friend is philosophical about it and says I shouldn’t worry. I still feel let down, and I would hesitate to refer the supplier again.

Reputations are precious. Mine is. I refer people I think are good, but I will be even more sparing with my referrals in future.

Have you been let down like this by someone in your network? What did you do?

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