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As I use social media for marketing I think carefully what I say when in business mode. I think most people do who interact on-line in a business context are quite careful. However, that doesn’t mean everybody.

It is possible to go off someone because they express certain views we don’t agree with. That is only natural. However for the most part I respect differing opinions I see. What I cannot stomach is unkind comments and cruel remarks about anyone. Unfortunately Twitter is a channel for some of the most unpleasant stuff. I think that is because it is just too easy to sound off in 140 characters whereas posting on a blog is a couple of clicks more and is often less visible.

At least it is less visible until Google finds it, and that is where the trouble starts.

Careless talk

So many people use search engines to check out prospective service providers or prospective clients. Suppose you apply for a great job but you have made a nasty apparently prejudiced comment in an unguarded moment? You would be off the list of candidates. Suppose you have a possibility of a great contract? It could go down the drain if the nasty remark popped up on the customer’s screen.

So most of us are careful, aren’t we? Even so there are certain individuals who post comments with the nastiest swear words on their Facebook page. Some of these are unemployable in any circumstances of course, but for a few actually typing four letter words on a social networking site will eliminate any prospect of work.

Cussing in private

I have never posted a four letter swear-word on-line anywhere. I know some people do but, while we might swear in private as I did when the cast-iron door-stop fell on my toe, the idea of actually typing a swear-word seems ridiculous to me.

What you see of me on-line is the real me of course. It is the business and public “me” but you don’t need to know all the private life of anyone, do you?

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