We who hesitate

B&W reproduction of an imaginary portrait of H...

B&W reproduction of an imaginary portrait of Horace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The art of procrastination

I was amused by this good piece by Rowan Pelling, about procrastination. Mind you, four years tax returns outstanding? I am sure we can help.

Horace is described as a self-help writer in the BBC piece. If he had lived a couple of millennia later, would he be selling e-books? There would be a business opportunity, and his poetry might go quite well too. It seems a couple of millennia since my school days flirting with his works, though.

Carpe diem

It is so easy to put off decisions, let alone making the wrong one. We usually know when we should make a decision because there will be problem staring us in the face, or with any luck a great opportunity if only we have the courage to decide.

Take advice, perhaps, but seize the day. Make a decision sooner rather than later.


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