Broken tools, new toys and business

Where have I got to?

Where have I got to?

Sometimes tried and trusted methods stop working, and we hardly notice because we carry on out of habit. That is what happened with me and breakfast networking.  It took a while for it to dawn on me that I was not getting business any more. Perhaps I was in denial because I always enjoyed meeting people and even running a group. However it is jolly hard work and very time consuming to run a group if you make no money in doing it.

Fortunately, my on-line social media activity and my websites do get in business. It is still all about talking and especially listening to what people need, and of course not selling. I enjoy the on-line stuff too, so it isn’t as though I have no fun marketing.

Recently it dawned on me that Google Alerts wasn’t (or weren’t) working. I have for several years used the service to spot when my name was mentioned somewhere on the web, or when my business names were mentioned and to find key special words which interest me. I find I am not the only one to have noticed and although there are reports it has been fixed, I still have not had an Alerts email for weeks even though I try to pop up all over the place. How much am I missing?

TalkWalker has been suggested as a substitute but I am not convinced so far.

Have you found trusted tools and practices can start letting you down? I would love to know.


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