Don’t be afraid to ask for help in your business

iStock_000005618867XSmallWe have all seen how having too many customers coming in at once can ruin the reputation we have built. We have to take tough decisions to turn away business and if we handle ourselves well then we may even encourage those we have had to turn away to come back to us. After all we are so popular, doing business with us must be a really great experience.

Sometimes it is difficult to cope with unforeseen events. We all hope that many customers might turn up at once, in which case we need to have a policy to handle this. That might be to turn them away very politely or it might be to call on staff or subcontractors if we can.

How would you deal with the unexpected?

If you were ill it might be difficult to cope with the business you already have. Do you have people you can rely on? Do you have a deputy or manager who could carry the load? If you are a sole trader, do you have a trusted business friend who could take care of your clients while you could not? Do you have insurance to pay someone qualified by experience to look after your customers?

I have had health issues this year. I have been fortunate that I have had personal great support from family and friends, but it was not good fortune that I knew I had people who I could rely on to keep my businesses in good shape. That was down to pre-planning.

Have you organised a safety net for yourself? Have you enlisted support from a trusted friend or colleague to take care of business for you? You should.

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