Insuring your business future

iStock_000020557146LargeSome businesses are unique to the individual. If you are a successful writer, then what the clients or readers are buying is you. There are other businesses which are all about the owner; for example, performers such as actors, artists, designers. If the work is so original and cannot be done by someone else, then the income is dependent on the business owner, and that might be you.

Suppose you cannot work for a while. You are ill, really sick. Will your income dry up? You can get insurance which will provide you with an income for a certain period while you get back on your feet. Why wouldn’t you do that, because it gives peace of mind?

Perhaps your business is not unique, but it is your business with a flavour of you? If you could not work, the business would still suffer, even if you have several employees or subcontract a certain amount of work. Of course you should also insure against your getting sick, but you can also get insurance to pay for someone to run your business while you are recuperating. If you never get well enough to work again (perish the thought) you will still have a business to sell.

You might have an employee who is vital to your business. Suppose she has a health problem and has to take months off work. Have you insured your business against losing her services for a while, so that you are able to bring in someone capable of filling her role temporarily?

If it is you who are ill, you need to get treated as soon as possible and get back to work. Do you have health insurance so that you can get treated quickly?

I am not an insurance salesman. I do know that having insurance is not only vital for peace of mind, but is an important lifeboat when the unexpected happens and you have to face a nasty health issue.

Are you insured?

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