Job-seekers need to mind their Ps & Qs

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I like LinkedIn. We can connect with all sorts of useful people with whom we can do business, and it is a very good reference for those seeking jobs. Life is tough in the job markets in North America and in Europe, so those looking for employment need all the help they can get.

Of course job-seekers need to give themselves the best chance, which means they should take care putting together their profile and also appearing to be sensible and employable. In that light it was surprising to see an older ex-Civil Servant (over thirty years working for the Government) having a serious virtually troll-like rant in a professional group on LinkedIn, and then arguing vehemently with those who were suggesting that his extreme views were ill-chosen, or at least ill-expressed. Fortunately for him, the Group Leader has apparently decided she or he had had enough and removed the thread, thus removing the embarrassing content.

I hope the perpetrator of this job-seeking faux pas, whose headline is along the lines of “looking for new challenges” learns that it does not pay to be offensive (ever) and engages in proper and sensible dialogue so that those of us who may have been shocked by the outbursts, and those who did not see them can see the value in this guy’s abilities.

Otherwise, everything we say in a public forum remains out there for everyone to see and make a judgement, right or wrong.

Shouldn’t we always add value in our on-line content, and manage our reputations?

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