Keeping the business engine running

Slightly bristly but not so much to show.

Slightly bristly but not so much to show.

A personal note

Life has not been simple at On Our Bikes Towers the past few weeks. We planned a holiday, and then my wife was taken ill the day before we went away and she ended up in hospital. Thankfully she was sorted out by the doctors just about in time to go away on our re-arranged holiday two weeks later. So we have had to take time off rather unexpectedly.

While we were away there was a terrible storm at home and two trees in our garden came down, plus about half of a very large ash tree. We have had to sort out the mess and the tree people have been to tidy up and clear away all the excess wood.

Meanwhile my wife and I caught dreadful colds while we were away so have both been slowed down by being unwell. All-in-all it has been a  pretty awful month for us.

Why am I telling you this ?

To keep the business running well, I have concentrated on the core part, that which earns the best revenue, and I have relied on support from those around us, both family and my contractors and other business supporters. They were invaluable to me during my own medical treatment earlier in the year. Because we have great support all round, and because we have had contingency plans in place, business is fine and the engine is running smoothly.

Just the same I have had to turn my attention away from some of my favourite activities, which has included blogging my thoughts. That has been a pity because as well as good marketing, I find writing relaxing and recreational. However, now normal service will be resumed.


Following my treatment earlier this year, in November I am growing a moustache for charity in November as are many other men around the world, and yes, some women too. Good luck to Sarah, and I would appreciate your support myself please.

Here is my Movember page.

Thank you, and I will be in touch again soon.

View from Sorrel Point, Jersey on our holiday last week

View from Sorrel Point, Jersey on our holiday last week


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