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English: US postal stamp from 1902 for special...

English: US postal stamp from 1902 for special delivery service, depicting a bicycle courier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was expecting a parcel. I was told that I would receive from the courier a text on the day of delivery giving me a time slot. I duly waited in. No one showed up, but I then got a text saying my parcel had been delayed because no one was in to sign for the order.

I was given an automated telephone service number to “rearrange” my delivery. I called. The automated lady said I had to keep the card put through my door by the delivery person, although I didn’t have one because no one had called. I pressed buttons to arrange for the delivery the following day.

In the morning I had a text giving me a delivery slot of 1215 to 1315. At 1241 I had a text saying my parcel had been delayed because no one was here to sign for the order. Actually there were two people here, and yes, the door bell is working and so is the knocker. Again, no card was put through the door, because of course no one had called.

Imagine if we were as unreliable in our small businesses as some of these giant logistics companies are (and I have had experience here).  We have to deliver our services when we say we will, and we have to go the extra mile to look after our customers, because that is how we keep them loyal, and anyway we want to go the extra mile.

The joke is that the strap-line of this dreadful courier company is “Performing with Integrity.  Living our Values.” That is something to aspire to provided our values are commendable. The multinational parcel delivery company has failed. We won’t, will we?

Have you had a bad experience similar to this?

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