The magic of being different

Don't be the same!

Don’t be the same!

The way to get noticed in business is to be different. Of course you may offer the same service as many other businesses, or at least the same type of service. It is the way you present it and market it that will make your business stand out. That probably means presenting yourself, and being the trusted person that your customers will come to first and of course going the extra mile.

You may be able to find a particular niche within your area of business. In terms of tax, I am the property man. Of course I do other things, but real property and all that comes with it are a very strong theme in bringing clients to my door

However, none of us can rest on our laurels. I may provide property tax magic, but even magicians need to keep changing their presentation because people keep copying and stealing their acts. In marketing terms we have to keep reinventing ourselves even while staying in our niche.

Have you changed your act recently?

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