More haste, less speed, less money?

DSC01839-2It is a cliché to say that people are always in a rush these days, but unfortunately it is true. In business, generally, it does not pay to be in a rush. We may make poor decisions without considering all our options, or may miss them even if put in front of us.

I have noticed a couple of problems recently in dealing with clients and friends where they are replying “on the hoof” to emails from me, and using their smartphones. In making a business decision it is important to embrace the whole conversation with your supplier or adviser. However, I have found that some overlook earlier advice because they are in haste to reply, or they do not scroll down or they do not review previous messages before answering.

I try not to let my clients derail themselves by not considering all the options, but these emails from their iPhone or HTC etc. often waste time on all sides because I need to follow up and make sure we all understand what decision we are making, and that we are making it for the right reason.

It pays to slow down and think before making any business decision. A simple brief message telling our loved ones what time we will be home is all very well. A major purchase or a key decision require proper consideration and more than a brief email in a reflex response..

Do you know anyone who runs too fast?

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