Service continuity, customer expectation and being as comfortable as an old shoe


Think about the customer's needs!

Think about the customer’s needs!

Our regular clients expect from us an excellent service and it is up to us to live up to their expectation. That does not mean that we never change what we do for them. In the last decade, advances in technology have allowed us to make improvements. We can email documents (in my case accounts and Tax Returns) which means we can be even quicker, and to use nineties jargon, provide a smarter service.

Of course not all clients are computer literate, so we still provide them with paper copies of what they need, and even if they do like to communicate by email but want us to provide paper copies of everything, of course we oblige. We have to sacrifice the odd tree to keep the customer satisfied, but it is our business and therefore in our best interests to do so.

What clients do not like is change. I do not like it either when new Government impositions oblige us to involve our clients in red tape, but we have to live with it.

What the customer does not like to experience is a change of service where they do not get what they had before, but something different. It is rather like I feel in the supermarket when I enjoy a new range of tea they have or like their bran flakes, and then suddenly they no longer have those lines and I have to buy something else. There is a feeling of dissatisfaction, and I look in other supermarkets to get what I like. So clients might look to another provider to replace what we might have stopped giving them and which they really liked.

Clients do not like change. They like the comfort of being able to rely on a service like an old shoe.

We should not be resistant to advancing our business practice, but don’t you agree change should not be for the sake of change?

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