Your great customer service can be damaged by your service suppliers

iStock_000011891859XSmall bored womanThe lazy courier gives poor customer service, but the irony is that they were letting down another multi-national company who in my experience shows very good customer service.

A couple of years ago I bought two LG computer monitors. I was very pleased with these. The definition and quality of the displays were excellent.

About eighteen months ago, one of them started to fail. Having checked the fault was not at my end (faulty leads, faulty computer etc.) LG said they would replace the monitor. They sent a new one by courier and took the other one away.

A week or so back the other monitor bought two years ago exhibited the same fault and failed. Again LG offered to replace it and I accepted. Unfortunately their courier is far less good at customer service than they are, and has let them down.

In all our businesses, sometimes things go wrong. It is how we deal with the problems that preserve our good reputations or lose them completely.

I sympathise with LG in that they have done their best to put a problem right. They need to sort out why their courier does not in reality have the same great customer service philosophy that they do.

Don’t let you service providers let you down.

Have you enjoyed great or poor customer service recently?

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