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Cheapskate prospects

Well, a cheapskate is not really a prospect, as why would you take on a client who was not prepared to pay you a proper fee or have any respect for what you can do for them? The other day … Continue reading

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How to lose a customer in one easy lesson

A couple of weeks ago I needed to buy some software and found a company that seemed to offer what I wanted: a single license for a one-off project. I chose them because although I am very happy with my … Continue reading

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Where we are now

We can all look back and regret decisions we have made. I could if I felt like it. Should I have been more serious about that girl? Should I have had ambitions to be a Lloyd’s broker when I was … Continue reading

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Are your prospects in harmony with your business?

I guess we can all make a splash once to get noticed, and a joke might be the way to do it. Will prospects really remember a business for the one joke, repeated over and over again, or will they … Continue reading

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