Difficult people we work with

iStock_000007991360XSmall cross businesswomanEvery now and then we will come across difficult people in business. Fortunately I have generally got on well with my clients. Of course some leave me because their circumstances have changed, or because they have been lured by Sirens offering “cheap” services.

I always give great value, or believe I do, but when people leave with the prospect of a lower bill from someone else they may not realise that they will get less support. I do believe you get what you pay for.

Now and again clients expect that having agreed a fee for a certain service, they will have access to my attention on an unlimited basis. Some will grudgingly agree a further fee, but at times I have had to ask certain individuals to find someone else. It is the same if the attitude of some clients makes me uncomfortable. They need to find a new adviser, and I tell them that.

In the end we do not have to do business with anyone we do not get on with.

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