Forgiving the tyre-kickers


Ford Model T

Ford Model T (Photo credit: Jon Stow) – Don’t kick these tyres

Most of those who inquire after my services know what they want. They know that what I do will give them value. If they do not understand that, I hope I am able to persuade them of the value they will get.

Just now and again I hear from people who do not know what they want. They may think they might. It is a bit like wanting a car and thinking “luxury” in their mind’s eye. After going to the showroom they realise they only want to be able to get from A to B, and perhaps choose a cheaper option in an older basic model used car. That is fine and it will probably work, but they will not get the care and attention and after-sales service that a dealer in new cars will give as part of their three or five year guarantee.

I get prospects like that. My firm offers a great all-round service (I would say that, but we do our best to make it true), but if someone wants the basics and is scouting around for the best deal based on price, all they want is their papers filed and no after-care. So I forgive, refer them to a provider of basic services, and warn them against going with the cowboys.

Some people do just want the basics. Maybe that is not what they need and they could do better, but persuading them against their mindset will not result in retaining them as clients for very long.

I forgive the tyre-kickers and send them on their way. What about you?

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