Hard work and small businesses

blog picsnov 10 010It seems obvious that you have to work hard to make your small business successful. Of course it is true that you have to apply yourself to the essential tasks needed to keep the business running smoothly. What you need to remember is that if you are working 24/7 all the time, or it seems like it, you are probably doing something wrong.

I cannot deny that when you start a business you are often trying to meet a deadline when you want to open your doors for business, physically or metaphorically. You might then “work all hours”, but if time passes and you still have no time for other things, you have a problem.

  • Are you making a profit?
  • Have you priced your offerings correctly with a decent margin?
  • Are there really potential customers for what you offer?
  • Is your marketing targeted properly?
  • Are you wasting time on office chores which someone else could do for you?

Ask yourself those questions if you realise you have hardly any time to yourself, and ask other questions too. If you think you are too busy even for that, you cannot deny you have private time to think if only it is just in the bathroom.

If you have made yourself a slave to your business, even a minute or two’s thought should show you what changes you need to make. Why don’t you try it?

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