Persistence in strategy can pay off


You know that old cliché “If you keep doing what youve always done, youll keep getting what you’ve always gotten”? Albert Einstein and Tony Robbins are credited with it, as well as “Anon”. It is certainly true that if your business is not going well and you never change anything, you will never see an improvement and the business may fail

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Albert Einstein – don’t blame him!

However, it is important to give certain strategies time to work. When I started my first business more than a decade ago, I was told that my local advertising would not work. That was partly true. The directories such as Yellow Pages and Thomson did not work. I dropped them after a while, and they were an expensive mistake. A local pamphlet going out monthly certainly did work, and I gained a lot of business, but I had to persist with it to get that success.

It is the same with social media. A short term strategy certainly will not work. Persistence may work and you have to give each plan time. You have to acknowledge that after a while, if little or no business is gained, you should try something else, but allowing time is important.

After ten years, my advertising in the pamphlet is less successful. I will have to change either the copy in the ad, or I will drop the pamphlet marketing and concentrate on what works better, which are content marketing and Twitter currently. Next year it might be different, and I may again have to allow time to change and test something else. Whatever it is, I will give it time.

What about you?


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