Petty dictators

I remember when I was an employee working for a boss who was always right, even when he was wrong. There was no reasoning with him. We underlings were not allowed to have an opinion as to how things might be done better. We had to follow orders. It was no way to work, so of course staff turnover was high. The business suffered because of this and also because all suggestions made for improving the way business was done were ignored. Petty dictators are control freaks.

As independent business owners we should not be surprised that such petty dictators are hard to sell ideas to. After all, they are convinced they know better than us what is good for their business. They know more about web design than my cleverest designer friends. They know more about tax than I do; at least that is what they think.

Of course we may find out that we have clients who think they know best. From our point of view, we can let this ride unless they think they know better our value to them, and their idea is lower. In that case there may be a parting of the ways because we should never be intimidated. We cannot afford it.

Just because our client is a petty dictator does not mean we should not offer advice. After all, it is up to them whether they take it. We just have to remember that some people never listen.

Do you know any petty dictators?

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