You are allowed to make a profit

English: PROFIT systemI have had my share of run-ins with very large service and utility providers, but we do have to recognise that like all businesses they need to make a profit for their owners and shareholders, and to have money to reinvest into their trade. In the course of some more energy company bashing we hear that their newly announced annual profits represent 5% of turnover. That seems quite modest really.

In a small business and especially in a professional environment, only 5% profit on turnover is not going to be enough unless we have a huge turnover. That is going to be difficult unless we have had a brilliant new idea in the way of say a product for drop-shipping. However, in the real world we have to sell on the value of what we provide and have our customer buy in to what we are giving them.

Do not let your prospects drive you down. Get them to commit to you as much as you commit to them to provide a great service. We all have to live and if we are not making a good profit out of each client we are wasting time and resources which could be used to make a much more profitable customer very happy.

Do not under-sell yourself and your business and never be afraid to turn a poor prospect away. You are allowed to make a good profit.

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