Death and life getting in the way

It is over four years since I posted on On Our Bikes. Why the hiatus, or maybe that word is not enough to convey the long interval?

Never mind. After the last post in July 2017 things just happened. My Dad passed away, and only a few weeks later we lost my Mum as well. We were tied up dealing with what had to be done, the funeral services, the notifications to those who needed to know, and then all the admin in dealing with their estates. The estate stuff took a couple of years eventually, but there was just so much to think about.

At much the same time I started to think that I should retire. Of course, the deaths of parents concentrate the mind somewhat, but also, I realised that I did not enjoy my work as much as I always had before. To that end, I started the process of handing my tax and business practices to someone else, and I did finish work at the end of April 2018.

After finishing work, I enjoyed my leisure, and it was great to spend more time with my wife. I had my walks around the local countryside and woods and generally felt relaxed. I took a lot of photographs both with digital and with film. I came back to amateur radio, which was a hobby from my younger days.

What I did not foresee was becoming so ill in November 2020 when also everyone was so stressed with the misery and worse thrust upon us by COVID. My illness was not related to that but was very serious indeed and I have not fully recovered as I write this.

However, I am apparently still quite capable of blogging and have resolved to do more, and will try to share my thoughts on business, work, and life in general, and I hope you will stay with me.

One of my non-digital cameras

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