A scam or a rip-off attempt

I have posted this on Facebook:

Last week someone or some company tried to relieve me of a fair amount of money. They said that we needed to issue a new certificate for the installed loft insulation in our house. Therefore I assumed they represented the original people who did the work.

The “inspector” came, crawled about in our loft, and informed me that there were some leaks that needed to be addressed. He could arrange to have a coating put on the roof to seal it. He quoted £5,500 for the work, but then after phoning his office to get agreement for allowances and grants because Gloria and I are pensioners and blue badge holders and had spent money on solar panels, he could arrange for the work to be done for only£3,400. That should have been a red flag in sales technique but the guy was very believable.

The work would be guaranteed by the company for 15 years,

The “inspector” took a deposit of £500 from my credit card, and said they could do the work in the next few days. Yes, maybe another red flag.

After the man went, belatedly I did some due diligence. I found the company was only incorporated on 30th May 2023 so was four months old. The directors had started several companies previously and dissolved them. None seemed to be anything to do with roof repairs or loft insulation. Only one company appeared to have any assets and the new one obviously had yet to file any accounts. Fifteen year guarantee? Huh!

Either this was a scam to get me to make a deposit, or if the guys had turned up to do the work, would it really be worth £3,400?

I emailed to cancel the deal, spoke to someone on the phone who told me my deposit was non-refundable, which would have been a final conclusive red flag if I had been told during the meeting. I said they needed to refund the money or I would take action.

I telephoned the credit card people, explained what had happened, and they have assured me the £500 would-be refunded to me as they had put a stop on it. I feel a bit foolish. I have no idea why they chose us, unless they though we were stupid pensioners. Maybe I could have been one, but a lesson learned I think.

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