About Me, Jon Stow

My name is Jon Stow and “On our bikes” is my blog. I live in the South East part of England in the County of Essex, where we have less rain than anyone else in the UK.

I am married, we have one cat and have two stepdaughters who in turn have three children between them, but not one-and-a half each.

I fell into running my own business a few years ago. I owned a tax practice and I advise on business matters. I don’t know all the answers but I am pretty certain I can always find someone who does, at least in terms of business problems. You may need to ask someone else about the meaning of life.

I was a director of Exemplary Consulting Limited, which provided hands-on help to small businesses and their owners in meeting the challenges they face.

If you need copy for your website or technical articles including tax articles I can provide these, guaranteeing a confidential service, and I will help you with your blog too. You only have to ask.