How to annoy me on-line

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Something we often forget is that we are all different, even on-line. There are tools that some people think are absolutely wonderful and think bring them success. Maybe they do! But a lot of those things others think are really annoying. I thought I would share some of those things that annoy me.

  • Tweeting links to the same blog posts over and over again. My limit is two tweets of my link on one day, and maybe one the following day. Then I might only refer to that link in another post if relevant. Then again I haven’t 40,000 followers so I may be the one who is wrong.
  • Pop-ups attempting to get me to sign up to blog posts and newsletters, even on sites where I am already signed up. These pop-ups are intrusive and if I am not already signed up then I won’t be and may not visit the blog again. I don’t mean to offend and they may work. I just don’t like them.
  • Selling in blogs. I want to be entertained and learn from someone’s expertise.
  • Selling in blog comments. Same as above.
  • Sending me sales emails every two minutes.
  • Signing me up to newsletters because I was persuaded to part with a business card.
  • Someone saying they are my friend on Facebook or LinkedIn when I have never heard of them. You might be my friend if you have made a non-spam comment on my blog of course. You can be my friend if you send me a nice note. But strictly no blagging.

What sort of thing annoys you? Apart, that is, from smug opinionated bloggers like me? 🙂

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Seven annoying types met whilst networking

Here is a bit of amusement about seven types of network attendees I would prefer to avoid:

1.People who come straight up to me, announce their product or service and thrust a card or leaflet in my hand. Do not try to sell to me.

2.People who give no one any time. They say their piece and move on.

3.People who go to networking events to collect business cards so that they can subscribe everyone to their email newsletter without asking.

4.People who make a promise about something such has making a connection or referral and never follow-up.

5.People who interrupt a conversation to give their elevator speech.

6.People who criticize those whom they see as their competitors.

7.People who say this networking event is not as good as another one, unless they are being constructive in helping improve the one they are at.

Of course there are other annoyances. Which ones do you dislike most?