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Promoting your start-up business – Part 5 – Networking

  What is networking? What do we mean by networking? It means getting to know people. We are a social species, and of course some are more social than others. I am quite a shy person by nature, and really … Continue reading

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Come on, rabbit, don’t be shy!

Quite often when I am taking my evening walk, I pass a man of about my age scurrying back from the rail station. No doubt he is a City worker. He does not meet my eye and scoots past like … Continue reading

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Breakfast referral networking and gaining trust

When I started out running my own business I was lucky enough to be recommended to join BNI. In terms of business, it was not a huge success for me mainly due to local reasons, but it was great training … Continue reading

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Is networking not for everyone?

It is the strangest thing, but there must be a lot of small business owners who simply do not get out to networking meetings. People do not like to get out of their comfort zones, but it seems an awful … Continue reading

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Social networking and a testimonial

We need to move away from a closed and selfish attitude in a social networking environment and to be open and giving. It is a change which many coming out of a corporate environment are unable to make without adopting a completely different mindset. Some never do.
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“Show me the money” and Giver’s Gain

I alluded a month or so back to my early steps in referral networking and my experience with BNI. I wonder if I am going soft though. What always made me happiest in BNI was the concept of Giver’s Gain. … Continue reading

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Referral networking and serendipity

The big advantages of referral networking are that you learn to get on your feet and sell your business in (usually) one minute and, because it is expected of you, you learn to sell not just your own business but that of the other members all the time you are out seeing your clients. Continue reading

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