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Was it small business or the internet that changed my life?

It is no secret that I started my own business after the world of employment left me, and I could not get another job. There was no grand plan. I just got “on my bike” to get some money coming … Continue reading

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Closed and open networks in the 21st Century

Under orders Do you like being told what to do? As a small business owner, I don’t, and I don’t suppose you do either. To be honest, I never really have liked being told what to do. When I was … Continue reading

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Referral networking and Dunbar’s number

Image via Wikipedia I have been thinking more about the networking butterflies and why I believe there is a need to concentrate on just a couple or so referral groups. We know that it is important to see our network … Continue reading

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Social networking and a testimonial

We need to move away from a closed and selfish attitude in a social networking environment and to be open and giving. It is a change which many coming out of a corporate environment are unable to make without adopting a completely different mindset. Some never do.
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