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Learning by doing

How did you begin to learn to do what you do for a living? I started in my first job by being given a pile of basic routine work to do. When I had done it, I was shown how … Continue reading

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Does watching TV dull our business brains?

There is a school of thought that watching TV is a waste of time and I understand that view.  I can see that for soap addicts in the UK there is a potential to waste fifteen hours a week watching … Continue reading

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First impressions

  There are an awful lot of cliches. You know the sort.   You have thirty seconds to make an impression on a first meeting. You’ll never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Psychologists tell us … Continue reading

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Are we pre-conditioned for our working lives?

I was listening to a discussion on a news channel this morning in which there was a debate about the new British Coalition’s proposals to get unemployed people to where the work is by helping them re-locate, and how this … Continue reading

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Networking and leading a horse to water

I had occasion this past week to contact a visitor to our breakfast networking group we have not seen for a month or so to find out why we had not seen him recently. His business would have fitted in … Continue reading

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