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Getting the sack

Getting the sack is what launched my “career” as an independent person. Yet as an employee, if you are “terminated” it is a terrible shock, the stuff of nightmares. I had a bad dream about it last night; being called … Continue reading

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Petty dictators

I remember when I was an employee working for a boss who was always right, even when he was wrong. There was no reasoning with him. We underlings were not allowed to have an opinion as to how things might … Continue reading

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Job-seekers need to mind their Ps & Qs

I like LinkedIn. We can connect with all sorts of useful people with whom we can do business, and it is a very good reference for those seeking jobs. Life is tough in the job markets in North America and … Continue reading

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Redundancy at 50 or even 45 – Part 1

  Hard times There was a story published recently in the Daily Mail about an unemployed accountant who has fallen on hard times. He seems to have lost his employment in his late forties. That is an all too familiar … Continue reading

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The Other Man Who Fell to Earth

I have been in a contemplative mood recently. I am another year older, and it might be tempting to wonder whether I could have made different choices in my working life which would have resulted in my being in a … Continue reading

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The fear of the unknown

The premise of this blog is my story of starting my own business by accident, because I became unemployed and couldn’t find another job. I had no choice. Of course prior to my involuntary arrival in what was a freelance … Continue reading

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If only I had…

There are the chosen few who have never worked for anyone else, and then there are the rest of us who used to be employed but now run our own businesses. When we were employed we did not have total … Continue reading

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Networking, nepotism and family values

A couple of weeks back now, the British Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg said “it was “wrong” that his own career had been boosted by parental connections when he was starting out, getting him time at a bank and his … Continue reading

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Ageism, realism and working life in the twenty-first century

Since I started my businesses I have ploughed the furrow which many others have to do or will in the future. Realistically, the bureaucratic burdens on employers and their prejudices over age will need them to be more interested in taking people on short-term ad hoc contracts where there is no long term commitment on either side. The current employment laws both on the HR side and in relation to tax do not match up. Continue reading

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Mutual envy

Image via Wikipedia Many of us in business for ourselves feel we would be unemployable if we were asked to go to work for someone else. We enjoy the freedom of making our own decisions and being in charge. We … Continue reading

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